05 Aug 2016


Collaborating with Manton Ave

When Jed and I first entered the Providence theater scene we were enthusiastically advised to volunteer with The Manton Avenue Project. We jumped into our […]

27 May 2016

Idle Flat

Before We Begin: Flat History

The Before We Begin room is coming up like these things do: one wall at a time. As theatre-folk, when we say “walls,” what we […]

27 May 2016


Before We Begin: In the Space!

Today is the big day. We’ve officially started moving into the AS220 Black Box and building our room within the room for Before We Begin. […]

24 Apr 2016


Before We Begin: Songs and Movies

We are making a new play that isn’t really a play. As a part of the work we’re doing on this non-play is collaborating with Xander Marro […]

20 Feb 2016


Building the Future

Making a new play can happen in more ways than you can imagine. Because of our ensemble, our time, our interests, and the time frame […]

15 Feb 2016

out the window

On my way

Hey, everyone! Thanks for all the support and assists and conversations. I’m excited to be heading back to Rhode Island for to finish this Sans […]

31 Oct 2015

Sans Process

Where We Are: Sans Everything

We’ve spent a good deal of time revisiting material and inventing new stuff. Even though we know a lot about what happens in this play, […]

29 Oct 2015


Meet Mason

Our series of interviews between Jed and the Sans Everything co-creators of Lightning Rod Special concludes with this last-but-not-least interview. Please please please. . .  Meet Mason. Jed: Here we […]